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Inventory Control, Cost Containment

With the continued evolution of OPPS and DRGs, combined with bundled payments and decreasing reimbursement levels, inventory control and cost containment is of paramount importance if one is to introduce and maintain cost effective, high quality wound care and hyperbaric medicine practice standards.

The NBS team of experts are available to assist in the evaluation of existing inventory and provide exacting guidance regarding methods to minimize supply expenditures, while maintaining expected quality of care.

Our team identifies duplications in like products within existing inventory, as well as inappropriate product utilization practices. We will work with your institution to develop a supply/product formulary, one that will take into account provider preferences and institutional buyer contracts.

To ensure that economic benefits are realized, maximized and maintained, specific education will be provided for products and supplies that represent your institution’s formulary. Subsequent to the above, NBS remains available for product/supply consultation throughout the contract term. 

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