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Corporate Profile

National Baromedical Services (NBS) enjoys more than three decades of wound center and hyperbaric medicine management, contracting, consulting and related administrative support. NBS clients cross the continuum of the nation's health care delivery system, and beyond. The company has served as a principal informational resource for CMS/Medicare and leading commercial health insurers.

NBS pioneered evidence-based practice standards and algorithmic case management procedures that allow clinical teams to optimize therapeutic efficacy, patient safety and the cost-effective utilization of health care resources. The company has a long-standing reputation as an organization of high ethical standards and committed patient advocacy.

As a leading educational resource, NBS has trained over 7,000 health care professionals at its clinical and operational headquarters in Columbia, South Carolina. The company's principals hold various leadership positions vital to the clinical and operational practice of wound care and hyperbaric medicine.

Through its non-profit research consortium, NBS has undertaken both laboratory science and ground-breaking multi-institutional clinical trials. Key aspects of the work resulted in the first Level 1 evidence of efficacy for the role of HBO therapy in patients with deficient wound healing (Clarke RE, et al., Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment of Chronic Refractory Radiation Proctitis: A Randomized and Controlled Double-blind Crossover Trial with Long-term Follow-up: Int. Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics 2008;72(1):134-143).

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