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Hospital-based Hyperbaric Medicine Program Start-up

For those institutions contemplating the introduction of a hyperbaric medicine service NBS has much to offer. For more than three decades we have planned, introduced and supported the clinical practice of hyperbaric oxygen therapy across the United States and beyond. NBS generated evidence-based treatment protocols and introduced a widely appreciated algorithmic consultation and case management process. Our headquarters facility, the first to become nationally accredited and the first to be accredited with distinction, represents an operational model for the comprehensive provision of care, from ambulatory outpatients to those critically-ill and ventilator dependent.

NBS guides every aspect of client institution planning, design, construction, equipment acquisition, documentation, billing, coding, reimbursement, training, skills updates, medical education, and quality assurance in the exquisite detail.

Upon commencement of clinical practice, NBS assumes 24/7 on-call availability for all medical, safety and operational concerns. We  remain available to assist with routine administrative and operational concerns, as well as medical billing problems. Over the ensuing 12 months NBS will prepare the program for facility accreditation with a goal of establishing it as a nationally accredited regional center of medical excellence. 

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