Tamar Wagner, RN, BSN, CHT

Clinical Manager

Tamar received her associate nursing degree from Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College and her BSN from South University.  Following five years at Tuomey Hospital Healthcare System, she joined NBS as a hyperbaric nurse in 2008.  Two years later she became a certified hyperbaric technologist.  Tamar was promoted to hyperbaric nurse manager in 2014.  In this capacity, she oversees operations of a four monoplace chamber hyperbaric medicine program, involving an entire range of patient states, from ambulatory outpatients to critically ill and ventilator-dependent ICU cases.  Tamar's program operates within a major academic medical environment and Level 1 Trauma Center.  She completed hyperbaric safety director training in 2011 and has served as the program's safety director since that time.  Tamar prepared for and successfully underwent Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society Hyperbaric Facility Accreditation "With Distinction" on two occasions.  Tamar serves as a didactic and clinical instructor for "Primary Training in Hyperbaric Medicine" courses.

Tamar represents NBS both at its clinical facility headquarters and 'on-site' at various client programs, where she provides operational practice oversight, certification preceptorships, and hyperbaric skills maintenance sessions.  In 2018 Tamar assumed the role of program director for Prisma Health Richland Hospital's comprehensive wound healing center, in combination with her hyperbaric duties.