What NBS Does and Does Not Represent

What NBS Represents

  • Three decades of industry respected knowledge and leadership
  • A widely recognized large ethical footprint
  • Adherence to 'evidence-based' practice standards
  • An absolute commitment to prevailing compliance standards
  • Fiscally responsible utilization of resources
  • Licensure and accreditation- based performance standards
  • Complete patient data transparency, access and accountability
  • Leadership during all denial of payment appeals

What NBS Does Not Represent Or Otherwise Condone

  • Pressure on clinical teams to meet pre-determined revenue generation quotas
  • 'Manufactured' diagnosis codes inconsistent with clinical findings in order to achieve hyperbaric medicine reimbursement
  • 'Manufactured' and self-promoting healing rates completely inconsistent with actual patient data
  • Patient data held independent of hospital medical records; used in part to manipulate healing rates
  • Hyperbaric medicine treatment courses in excess of medical necessity;  provided solely for revenue generation purposes