Marketing Strategies

As more and more institutions face budgetary constraints, health care marketing dollars become increasingly difficult to come by. Accordingly, relatively smaller (from a net revenue perspective) diagnostic and therapeutic services tend to suffer as available dollars are commonly directed at the promotion of high revenue producers.  Examples include new surgical procedures, diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac care, and comprehensive cancer management.  With appropriate marketing efforts, however, the wound healing/hyperbaric medicine service can also become a formidable net revenue producer.

With two decades of experience in the development, management, operations, and promotion of wound care and hyperbaric medicine services, NBS is uniquely capable of generating the necessary marketing infrastructure and directing its implementation. From the education of Marketing/Community Relations/Physician Liaison personnel to the provision of a broad range of documentation templates and supportive scientific literature, NBS brings into play effective resources that promote the attributes and capabilities of the comprehensive wound healing and hyperbaric medicine center.

NBS will work closely with your institution to develop an annual marketing plan in order to maintain promotional momentum. NBS will also offer methodology to track the success of the above strategies.