Existing Program Consulting:

Evolution from Externally Managed Programs

Over the past 15 years the great majority of hospital-based comprehensive wound healing and hyperbaric medicine centers have been introduced and managed by third party organizations. This approach has certainly represented a way to fast track these types of centers by avoiding inherent planning, development and implementation learning curves when hospitals choose to go at it alone.

However, an increasing number of hospitals soon begin to question the wisdom of such business relationships, from cost, quality and program support perspectives. Financially, these management companies do exceedingly well. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for many of their clients. Hospitals have expressed concern regarding the value associated with their financial outlays vis a vis quality of clinical, operational and administrative guidance and support.

Increasingly, these significant third-party cost outlays for centers that are largely hospital operated are increasingly difficult to reconcile or have become wholly unsustainable. Yet, the clinical value of the service is important enough to strive for its continued availability.

In NBS we are confident that you will find a company long recognized for cost-effective solutions founded upon quality, experience and corporate integrity. NBS works closely with client hospitals to optimize clinical and operational performance via a sustainable financial relationship. We provide precisely the scope and extent of support you require rather than what others are motivated to sell. Our client relationships are also unique in that they remain in effect for only as long as NBS is considered to provide value. Should this point be reached, NBS clients keep all of our work product and related documentation so that they may continue to provide safe and efficacious care independent of our support.