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As a NBS client, you can review articles according to Categories as listed on the first two pages of the Library of Articles. Then scroll down to the category you are interested in and review the articles listed. If you find articles that interest you, then write down the specific article number listed in the first column of the literature file and email your request to our librarian at NBS using the link below.


If you are not sure which category to look up, you can try using the "Keyword Search" method from our Keyword listing and send that request via email link below to our librarian.

A third option for searching for articles is by Author. Scroll down to the author you are searching and select the articles you want by writing down the corresponding article number in the email you send to our librarian.

In the email request, please ensure you include your article number(s),name, hospital client name and a contact phone number in case we have more questions for you.

You are also welcome to call NBS directly during normal business hours: 8am to 5pm EST at 803.434.7101 to make your request over the phone. We will try to ensure your requests are met within 24 hours on weekdays.

Wound Care:

  • Wound Type

  • Wound Care

  • Wound Dressings

  • Wound Products

  • Clinical Guidelines / Consensus Statements

  • Wound Research & Reviews

  • Suggested Hyperbaric Medicine Literature Starter Library

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