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Adding Hyperbaric Medicine to an Existing Wound Healing Center

An increasing number of wound healing centers have elected to add hyperbaric oxygen to their otherwise comprehensive array of therapeutic options. In carefully selected non-healing lower extremity lesions that have failed to respond to available care, hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy can prove beneficial. Perhaps more importantly, the introduction of hyperbaric medicine will greatly increase referral volumes for a unique condition not otherwise seen in the traditional wound center. There are subsets of wound healing deficient patients for which HBO therapy has evolved to represent a standard of care. They involve patients, who have previously suffered cancer, were treated with radiotherapy, have done well from an oncology standpoint, but now experience late radiotherapy complications. These vascular-derived insults occur across the anatomic spectrum. They are difficult to resolve conventionally, involve significant morbidity, leading in some cases to loss of organ or structure. There is also some mortality reported, a sad commentary in those who have survived cancer but have succumbed to one of its key treatment options. Uniquely, HBO therapy is disease-modifying in the management of these late complications of radiation therapy. This is in contrast to most other options that are commonly directed at relief of symptoms or removal of the damaged organ.

NBS carefully guides client institutions through all phases of hyperbaric medicine service implementation. Program planning, facility design, capital equipment acquisition, documentation/protocols/policies, training/preceptorship/skills maintenance, marketing and quality assurance aspects are coordinated and optimized. Once the hyperbaric service is operational, NBS remains available to ensure that treatments are optimized in an efficacious and safe manner.