March 15 - 17, 2012   •   Columbia, South Carolina, USA

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March 15-17, 2012

Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Invited Faculty *


Richard C. Baynosa, MD
Assistant Professor, Division of Plastic Surgery
Associate Program Director, Integrated Plastic Surgery Program

University of Nevada School of Medicine
Las Vegas, Nevada

Paul Claus, MD, FACP, UHM
Medical Director, Hyperbaric & Altitude Medicine Program
Assistant Professor of Medicine, College of Medicine

The Mayo Clinic
Rochester, Minnesota

Dick Clarke, CHT
Program Director, Hyperbaric Medicine, Palmetto Health Richland Hospital
President, National Baromedical Services
President, National Board of Diving & Hyperbaric Medical Technology
Columbia, South Carolina 

D. Lindsie Cone, MD, FAAFP, UHM
Medical Director, Hyperbaric Medicine, Palmetto Health Richland Hospital
Chief, Information Technology,
University of South Carolina School of Medicine,
Columbia, South Carolina

John Feldmeier, DO
Chairman, Department of Radiation Oncology
The University of Ohio,
Toledo, Ohio

Capt. Brett Hart, MD, MC, USN
President, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society
Hyperbaric Medicine Department, Naval Operational Medicine Institute
Pensacola, Florida

Marc Herr, MD
Clinical Fellow
Department of Otolaryngology
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School
Boston, Massachusetts

Derrick T Lin, MD, FACS
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Department of Otolaryngology
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
Boston, Massachusetts

William Moore, MD, FACS
Private Practice Vascular Surgeon
Lexington, South Carolina

Medical Director, Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine
Heartland Regional Medical Center
St. Joseph, Missouri

Lt. Col. Robert Price, MD, MC, DMO
Group Surgeon, 10th Special Forces Group
Fort Carson, Colorado
Medical Director, Hyperbaric Medicine, Memorial Central Hospital
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Robert Sheffield, BA, CHT
Director of Education, International ATMO
Chairman, UHMS Safety Committee
Chairman, Technical Committee on Hyperbaric and Hypobaric Facilities, National Fire Protection Association
San Antonio, Texas

Compliance Office, CMA Healthcare
VP Operations and Clinical Services, InterAmerica Wound Centers
San Antonio, Texas

John Benjamin Slade, Jr., MD
Staff Physician, Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine
Vaca Valley Hospital,
Vacaville, California

E. George Wolf, MD
Staff Physician, US Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine
San Antonio, Texas

*Full Disclosure Statement. All faculty members and planners participating in continuing medical education activities sponsored by National Baromedical Services, Inc. are expected to disclose to the participants any financial relationships with commercial interests. Full disclosure of faculty and planner financial relationships will be made at the activity.